De Ja Vu all over again for Twins

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Can't beat those yanks

Well so much for home field advantage in the American League Divisional Series, it’s been about as useful to the Rays and the Twins as double D breasts are to a homosexual. Useless and meaningless.

The team that has to be the most disappointed has to be the Twins. The Rays, are a resilient bunch, so they still have a chance to play catch up in Texas. But the Twins, damn. This was supposed to be their year, or at least that’s what everyone in the twin cities thought. They were rolling all season long, they had great pitching, they had great defense, good solid offense, they were extremely strong at home, and then October came and the Yankees showed up, and it seems like everything changed.

The Twins seemed to get a reality check when Jeter and the Bronx Bombers showed up in town with their pure swagger. All of a sudden the Twins looked like that average looking girl, when the prettiest and sexiest girl in the school shows up…That average looking girl keeps smiling, but she knows she can’t compete, not with those A cups.

You can’t beat the Yankees playing small ball. Plain and simple. Not unless you have the greatest pitching staff ever, because at some point, those Yankee bats are going to erupt and put some damage on the scoreboard. You can make that 10 straight games in the postseason now that the Twins have dropped. If you want to talk about clutch, how about no clutch for the Twins… The Yankees have outscored the Twins 18-2 from the 7th inning on in the postseason. This one has sweep written all over it. It’s like de ja vu all over again.


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