Pzyche for Affiliates launches this week at the BAC!

Jason Duke Launches Pzyche at BAC

Jason Duke Launches Pzyche at BACAlthough we all know the rewards of being an affiliate in the gaming industry can be big, so can the workload. Lucky for us, a “well known search dude” and gaming legal counsel have developed a system which aims to ensure that an affiliate’s work is rewarded and their profit leaks are stopped.

“One issue that occurs to almost every affiliate in gaming is profit leakage, sending a visitor to an operator’s brand where they are already signed up. Pzyche estimate that over 1/3rd of clicks out from an affiliate site will deliver no earning opportunity to them – That’s Profit Leakage folks!” claims search dude Jason Duke.

Pzyche has been developed by Duke and gaming legal council James Barnes, two dudes previously responsible to taking PartyPoker.com to number one positions worldwide in Google. These two are experts in online marketing and the issues that are out there, so they have come up with some answers to these real world problems.

Pzyche for Affiliates launches this week at the Budapest Affiliate Conference, so if you’re headed that way, but sure to stop by and say what up! In the meantime, this video gives a great explanation of what their service has to offer: