MDI to launch Archie Comic Lottery theme

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MDI the Scientific Games subsidiary has just signed an agreement with Archie Comics Publications to offer instant lottery games featuring the ever popular characters from the Archie comics.

At first glance, it’s an unusual partnership, Archie Comics and lottery aren’t exactly the two things that mesh naturally in one’s mind. But when you look at it closely, it’s actually a perfect fit. The iconic characters of the Archie comics resonate with several generations of comic book lovers, so Archie themed lottery products will likely be a popular ticket.

Personally, I still have a crush on both Betty and Veronica, and as a youngster, who didn’t wish they had the option between the rich brunette and the girl next door type blonde? Now under this agreement, MDI will be able to provide lotteries with logos and graphics of the Archie characters for use on instant lottery games and in advertising and promotional materials.

I’m wondering if they’ll be putting out images of the new gay character in Archie comics for the scratch off tickets?


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