MLB Playoff schedules locked teams loaded

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The 8 teams advancing to the postseason have been determined, the matchups in both the National League and the American League are set, it’s time for October baseball. As America’s national pastime, there’s nothing quite like October baseball. The pressure, the history, it truly is where hero’s are made and at the same time, one mistake can put you in the history books as a goat, just as Buckner.

The Yankees face the Twins. The Yankees have owned the Twins in the postseason in recent years, but now the Twins have homefield advantage at Target field where they’ve been almost unbeatable all season. Could this be the year the Yankees are upset by the Twins? The Yankees are the favorites both in this series and to win the AL Championship, but there’s one glaring disadvantage against the Bronx Bombers, with the Rays taking the division, the Yankees won’t have home field advantage and they’ve been barely average on the road.

The Rays take on the Rangers with the Rays having homefield advantage. But we’ll see how much homefield advantage means fro the Rays, seeing how their fans don’t really give two shits. It will be interesting to see how Josh Hamilton who missed several games down the stretch, is able to get back into a rythym at the plate. The Rays might just be too much for the Rangers.

Let’s face it, we all want to see a Rays vs Yankees series for the pennant.

The National League feature three teams that haven’t been to the postseason in years. The Braves, the Reds and the Giants are playing in October for the first time a long time, naturally, the Phillies are expected to take the pennant.

Americans will be watching and betting on baseball postseason which has grown in popularity over the years. With classic teams like the Braves, and Reds back in the mix, especially with the year the Reds had, there should be plenty of risk takers taking them to upset the Phillies.

But Sportsbooks can really rake in with their inning by inning bets, MLB Live and MLB props offerings for the playoffs. Which player will hit the most homeruns? Which pitcher will win the most games? Which closer will get the most saves? There’s some big names and some big time pitchers in these playoffs including Sabathia, Halladay, Rivera and some big bats in Longoria, Rodriguez, Votto and Howard and Utley who always seem to heat up in the postseason.


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