Online gambling at a federal level another 20 years away

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casinoOnline gambling in the United States of America has been the hot topic on everyone’s lips for some time now, and the issue doesn’t appear to going anywhere anytime soon. The legislation which, when it happens, is likely to see online poker rolled out in certain jurisdictions, isn’t likely to happen for some time yet, and could be pushed even further back if the Republicans make gains in this November’s elections, and sure as hell wont be rolled out on a federal level for at least another 20 years – contrary to some of what is reported in a New York Times article.

Although the article does go on to state that the land-based casinos are longing hoping that the legislation will include online casinos, which they’d obviously be able to exploit, however, that, along with sports books, are a real bug bear as far as any legislation goes. The fact is that states control what happens within their own confines on a state-by-state basis, meaning that 20 year federal level wait we mentioned earlier is an extremely realistic figure, although on a state-by-state basis, much like the current situation in Canada, is a lot more like what will happen in the USA where poker is involved.


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