BCLC a great place for employees to run out the clock


BCLC-Great-PlaceCBC News ran a piece on Friday’s broadcast of The National about the BCLC $100 free money promotion/gaffe. The best part was when local man David Ball told the CBC that he wasn’t a gambler, but after a quick study of PlayNow, he “could see the guaranteed win,” prompting him to send an email to three dozen of his friends, giving them step by step instructions on how to collect their free $100. A BCLC spokesperson told the CBC (off-camera) that 75% of players who’d earned said bonuses were still gambling with the site, suggesting that the other 25% had cashed out immediately after collecting.

Which dovetails nicely into a report that just came out this week, which showed BCLC placing first overall in the annual Top Employers for Canadians Over 40 list. BCLC’s selling points include free memberships to an onsite fitness facility, secure bicycle parking and healthy cafeteria options. Personally, we suspect that #1 ranking also might have something to do with it being really hard to get fired from the place, even if you demonstrate utter incompetence.


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