celebrate birthday with face lift

slotlandWhen you want to see birds, where do you go? Birdworld! When you want to buy something leather, where do you go? Land of Leather!

So along those line, where do you go if you want to play slots? …Slotland!

Having offered players the chance to play online slots since the dawn of time, have finally decided to give their derelict surroundings a much needed facelift and it looks like players have taken to it.

Michael Hilary, the casino manager, was mightily excited about it all, when he blurted out: “Even players that told us to never change anything are telling us that they like this little facelift.

“It makes it much easier to browse through the games. But the basic organization is the same and our design team has kept the same comfortable look and feel that the site has had since the beginning. It’s still black with white type!”

In addition to this revamp, anyone using the site between October 1st and 7th get a Birthday Bonus consisting of a free $50 added to their account, and then to top it off there will even be a prize draw. In this draw two players will win $1,212, 12 will win $112, and 48 will win $12, each deposit you make being an entry to the draw.

Never mind Slotland, sounds Toogoodtoobetrueland to me. It would be silly of me not to go over there and see if my $50 is waiting for me though.