Security man gets bounced

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security manIt’s well known that the relations between England and France have soured ever since the French accused the Brits of their beef being infected, when there’s was being pumped full of raw sewage. So when the European football season gets underway, and especially the Champions League, there’s always likely to be some controversy involved. It isn’t that the matches are particularly competitive, or the French challenge the English supremacy, there’s just a certain edgy-ness to proceedings.

According the Chelsea’s visitors last night, Marseille, one of their security guys was beaten at his own game and ejected from their Stamford Bridge stadium. Guy Cazadamont later went on to complain that their own stewards weren’t allowed to police the Marseille fans, and a number of banners were taken from the fans on the way in.

Cazadamont said: “I was grabbed round the waist and was eventually thrown out of the stadium. I was expecting something else since everything always went pretty well when we played in Liverpool, Bolton, Manchester or Newcastle.”

It’s unclear as to whether the Frenchman was at all rotund, but it’s hard to get the image of a Frenchman, complete with beret and moustache, being sent spralling into the gutters of the Kings Road.


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