Convicted drunk asks to be allowed back in pubs

drunk manAs a kid your mum might have sometime called you cheeky, maybe even all the time, and some of the most successful people in this world have a bit of cheek about them. Although if you really want to find the cheekiest of people maybe it’s worth looking amongst men aged between around 18-25, without a job, and more often than not getting in trouble for all manner of different things.

It may not be massively surprising then that a man 22-year-old man, convicted of seven counts of criminal damage, and currently banned from being drunk in public areas, has ramped up the cheeky gauge to a new level. Craig Maher of Leyland in Lancashire, with his ASBO that implicitly bans him from pubs, would like to be allowed back in pubs to play poker.

Maher has requested to be allowed into a certain pub on Wednesday afternoons, and insisted: “I’m not going to get drunk.”

The police don’t have any objections and now the magistrates will decide his fate, and all this comes after earlier this year a man was convicted of fraud and made to play poker to pay off his debts or face jail. WSOPE bracelet in five years time? You bet ya!