Gamblers and Fantasy sports wagering driving NFL ratings

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For years now fantasy sports leagues have been growing in popularity and have amassed a cult like following particularly in North America. In almost every office and at almost every water cooler, especially with the start of the NFL season, the talk is about fantasy sports leagues, albeit, most of that talk is smack talk.

People love to talk smack and bust other people’s balls about their fantasy leagues, it’s fun, it great competition, it’s bragging rights and now for those gurus it’s becoming profitable. Fantasy sports wagering has been skyrocketing, it is estimated that fantasy sports industry totals approximately $800 million in North America alone.

Interestingly enough, NFL TV ratings are reaching record heights. The NFL TV ratings are dominating the networks, n the premier week alone, the NFL was the number one rated show in 27 different markets, Dancing with the Stars was a distant second place. Sure, you can’t deny it, the NFL is one hell of a product, entertainment, excitement, drama, scantly clad smoking hot cheerleaders, you have it all. But let’s be real, with the millions gambling on the games, and now the millions engaging in fantasy sports wagering, it’s easy to see where the boost in TV ratings is coming from.

Bettors drive the NFL TV ratings, that’s never been a secret the two go hand-in-hand. The only thing North Americans love more than watching football, is betting on football or their fantasy football leagues. You just wonder when the NFL will ever acknowledge that obvious fact.


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