No debate, 18 NFL games a done deal?

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The Indianapolis Colts president Bill Polian may have just let the worst kept NFL secret out of the owner’s bag. Bill Polian mentioned on his weekly radio show that the 18-game NFL schedule is a done deal.

Now the players had made it clear that a longer regular season was not something they would be interested in, but the harsh truth of the matter is that nobody cares what the players think, not even the fans. The fans will love a longer season, it means more games for them to watch. The online gambling industry loves it too, because that’s more games for betting action. The owners love it, because from a business perspective, more games, means more money, more revenue from TV and more of everything. It’s a winning situation for everyone, except the players which a longer regular season really only means more injuries.

The NFL hasn’t confirmed Polian’s comments as being legit, but if there ever was an inside source who would know the skinny on this matter, it would be Polian. You wonder if this is something that might anger the player’s enough to for them to consider a player’s strike? Heaven forbid, we need an NFL player strike like we need holes in our heads.


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