100/1 Alien Contact In A Year…which Country Will Refer Et To Office Of Outer Space Affairs

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�70906160250 Bruce McCandless in Outer Space LGThe unveiling of Mazian Othman as the ‘First Contact’ at the office of Outer Space Affairs has ignited punters passion for the Prime Minster or President to announce the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrials. Hills have today taken multiple bets and offer 100/1 that the announcement is made within a calendar year of placing the bet. Hills also offer 1/2 that it is the USA that make first contact with ET and hopefully refer them to Mazian.

“The fact that the UN actually has a alien ambassador has got Alien punters buzzing and we have to hope they are wrong as we have seven figure liabilities,” said Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams.

100/1 That The Either The American President or Serving British PM announce the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life within a year of placing the bet

Which Country will make contact with ET’s First: 1/2 USA, 10/1 Russia, 14/1 China, 16/1 France, 16/1 UK, 16/1 India

Further Information…Rupert Adams….0208 918 3858….0784 1011 584


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