Setbacks in Denmark Online Gambling

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Currently, the dispute rages on in Denmark from land based casino operators who are outraged at what they deem as a ridiculously unfair tax advantage for the would be online gambling operators. Right now, land based casinos are taken to the cleaners at tax rates ranging anywhere from 45% to 75%. The draft of the online gambling laws in Denmark originally had online gambling operators being taxed at 20%, you can see why land based operators feel like someone is pissing in their cornflakes.

But that’s not the issue holding back the online gambling laws in Denmark and their subsequent implementation. The bottom line is that Denmark is flat out just not ready. The Danish government must already process in the neighborhood of 20 to 30 or more applications for gaming licenses from gaming operators. They don’t know where to begin, it’s not like this is a regular routine, and the last thing they want to do is jump into this pool with their clothes on.

The forecast for when we can reasonably expect things to be in motion is next spring, but that date should be looked at tentatively as well, because the taxation issue is a big one, and it’s doubtful this process can move forward without some resolution from both sides on that issue.


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