Intralot named amongst Greece’s strongest

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mariuszIt’s hard to tell what you should make of being named amongst one of the 50 strongest companies in Greece. Ever since the outset of recession in continental Europe the Mediterranean country has seen huge debts every Tom, Dick, and Harry the continent has had to offer have tried to help. This may explain the earlier assertion that being one of the strongest Greece has to offer may not be as outstanding as it sounds. Think of it like winning the lottery, but realizing another 500,000 people also have the same list of numbers. Technically you “won the lottery” but only end up sharing around £2,000,000 (that would be about £4 each by the way)

Intralot, the company announced as part of this list, have made it quite clear they’re going to try and make money elsewhere. Whether this was because someone threw one of those new military branded cell phones, complete with detachable grenade, at their CEO’s house is unclear, however, their pre-University gap year has taken them to France, Russia, success in Ohio, China, Morocco, and Azerbaijan amongst others. There was even an ill-fated trip to Illinois for Camelot’s 21st. The message to Greek companies then: if you want to make the strongest companies list, you could do a lot worse than getting a massive backpack, student discount travel card, and rabies vaccination to embark on a gap year experience.


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