Virginia Beach Police raids online gambling dens

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I'll take the granny on the right

The Virginia Beach Police raided and shutdown 11 stores suspected of illegal online gambling or sweepstakes gambling in raids that were similar to a Jack Bauer led terrorist strike, minus the body count of course.

It was the typical gambling den bust, they confiscated computers, probably pocketed some cash, and took a bunch of pictures before heading back to the donut shop to talk about it…

“Did you see the look on their faces when I kicked the door in and waived that AK-47 in his face?”

Good job boys, I hope they stuck around to help clean up all the mocha lattes the patrons spilled when the place got tear gassed. In just a few minutes the police were able to seize over 400 computers and criminal charges are likely to follow.

Sadly, this is just going to continue, and if it’s not in Va Beach it will be somewhere else. The laws aren’t clear on how sweepstakes are defined, that’s the first issue. The next is, many Americans can’t stomach the laws against online gambling from state to state. Instead of the police spending time and resources investigating and busting these operations, wouldn’t it be more cost effective to just regulate the whole shabang? But then Donny the hot head on steroids won’t get the opportunities to kick down doors and flash his gun in the faces of frightened unarmed online gamblers.


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