Hatton boxing license revoked

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hatton koTo say it’s been a rollercoaster few weeks for the pugilists choice of sport, boxing, would be an understatement. David Haye has already explained the intricacies of his planned assault on Audley Harrison in November, which according to Haye will be as one sided as a gang rape – sensitive as always is our David, and they say boxing causes brain damage. That’s a blatant lie if I ever heard one. Haye’s apparent disregard for the PC brigade was far from September’s only boxing story though – that involved Ricky Hatton’s nose.

The News of the World’s story on Hatton involved photos of him snorting cocaine from a hotel room table in Manchester, for which he then entered rehab to cure him of the evils this drug brings. Hatton, though, has now had his boxing license revoked by the British Boxing Board of Control, for reportedly not being able to say the board’s name when drunk. Try it yourself it’s well hard. In addition to this they don’t think his physical condition is right, and anyone who saw him get knocked out by Manny Pacquiao would have recommended it on safety grounds.


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