Kentucky online gambling domain name case resumes

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The Kentucky online gambling domain name case resumed today, unfortunately, it was more like groundhog day all over again and not much got resolved. Instead of focusing on the issues at hand, the hearing was focused on whether the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (iMEGA) and Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) have standing to intervene on behalf of the domain names at risk.

Basically, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that the owners of Internet gambling operations need to show up in court if they don’t want the state to seize the domain names of their Web sites even though written affidavits from iMEGA from Yatahay Limited, and the owners of, and IGC from Pocket Kings, the owners of, were submitted.

iMEGA Chairman Joe Brennan told Pokernewsdaily,“We proved organizational standing based on the standard they laid out. The Court said that we needed to have at least one of our members come forward and provide an affidavit. That was based on case law, but for some reason, they’ve decided based on a technicality in procedure to send it back.”

And so the courts continue with this game of cat and mouse.


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