Who will win the Vincent Jackson Sweepstakes?

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The San Diego Chargers have until 4 pm today to trade the disgruntled receiver Vincent Jackson in order to allow Jackson’s suspension to be cut from six games to four. So far it’s all been rumors about the slew of teams pursuing Jackson. Jackson had himself a huge career year last year, no surprise then, a year later he’s disgruntled.

Ever wondered why it is that everytime a player has a career year you can expect him to be disgruntled and unhappy the following season? Well the answer is one you can pretty much stamp to any question, money. A player has a great year and they want to be paid like they’re great. The question everyone else is asking is whether guys like Vincent Jackson should have that kind of pull. I can understand guys like Chris Johnson, and even guys like Darrelle Revis, as Deion Sanders would say, “Pay da Man”, but for some guys, you’re thinking he might be out of the league in a couple of years, what’s the point?

Right now, the Vincent Jackson sweepstakes are underway. Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins have denied all rumors that they were pursuing Jackson, it’s also been reported that the lowly Rams have also lost interest in Jackson. The vikings, who need receivers about as bad as an 80 year old man needs Cialis to score, they’ve already acquired Hank Baskett, but they’re reportedly in talks with the Chargers about Vincent Jackson. Without Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin, there’s a huge void to fill for the Vikings and Jackson might be that missing piece.

Whichever team picks up Jackson, he does have the potential to make that team a contender and change their future odds.


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