PRESS RELEASES pleased to announce coverage of the Victory Poker Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament

TAGs: launch party, Press Releases, Victory Poker, Victory Poker Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament is very proud to announce that we will be providing coverage of a very special event, the Victory Poker Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament, 22 September at Fox Casino in London
. Our industry has always been known for its great generosity and this particular tournament, just might take the Cake! Organizers of the inaugural London Poker Festival have confirmed that this Victory Poker Celebrity Charity Tournament will be dedicated to raising money for the Murry Foundation charity.

The Murry Foundation doing its part…

The Murry Foundation is a non-profit organization which campaigns for the welfare of children and animals and the regeneration of ecosystems across the world. The Murry foundation is responsible for the Holy Mission, an initiative started in Ofcolaco, South Africa in 1951. The mission offers a diverse range of services for the local community, including a primary school, a clinic, an income generating weaving project, youth camps and various other activities including the reclamation of land for endangered animals in South Africa, an Aids orphanage and numerous international animal rescues.
In its most recent initiatives, the charity has embarked on Operation Congerilla; a bid to save some of the world’s last remaining Silverback gorillas, and the development of a school for children, many of whom were child soldiers in countries ravaged by civil war.

Our Industry doing theirs…

The team will be providing in depth coverage of this special celebrity charity event which will be hosted by Victory Poker at London’s Fox Poker Club and  will feature some of the biggest names in the poker universe. The industry will be doing their part to help the honorable cause of the Murry Foundation by helping to raise these much needed funds for the Murry Foundation which derives just 2% of its donations from fund raising events and activities.

Luke Trotman, Head Trustee of The Murry Foundation, explains how seeing is believing…

“As Head Trustee, I have travelled extensively with The Foundation which concerns itself with animal and child welfare and the regeneration of ecosystems. While many of the projects are not domestic, I believe that once you have witnessed the vulnerability and innocence trapped within such violence and instability it is impossible to ignore the reality that our help is needed outside our countries and familiar communities.”

We fully expect this event to be a great success and invite all who are able to join us at the Fox Casino in London for this charitable occasion. If you would like to make a personal donation or find out more information about the Murry Foundation you may do so by visiting


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