POKER poker players can’t read rules or sit still for photographs

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UB-Players-ReadGuitarist Scott Ian of pioneering thrash metalers Anthrax is a recognizable face (or maybe it’s the manic goatee) at poker tables across the USA, having placed in the money at the WSOP and become a Online Pro. Recently, the band teamed up with UB for a poker tourney in which the winner would be flown to Europe to catch the London date of the hard n’ heavy traveling Sonisphere package tour. Great deal, huh? There’s just one catch…

See, despite UB clearly stating in the contest rules that there was no point in entering if a player didn’t hold a valid passport, the tournament’s last man standing didn’t have one. Fair enough, say Ian and the UB folks, we’ll send the #2 guy. Only he’s also passport-deprived. So they go to guy #3… Same result. How far down the leader board did they have to go, you ask? Try player FIFTY.

Remember that rumor that went around in 2000, claiming that George W. Bush, the guy who wanted to be leader of the free world, had never left the continental United States? Rumor sounds a lot more plausible now, don’t it?

Anyway, the below clip has fuck-all to do with poker, but it will poke you in the ass something fierce. FYI, the clip contains some very NSFW language…


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