Unibet pleases their big wigs

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unibet shirtUnibet sometimes seems to divide opinion as much as Cristiano Ronaldo, Marmite, and whether you like Tequila or Sambuca shooters. Polish authorities are in the ball park that they’re one of the axis of evil and shouldn’t be worked with, especially when their soccer league’s concerned. On the other side you’ve got La Liga side Valencia, who are more than happy to work with the sports book company. This is the very much the side of the fence that senior management and key employees of Unibet Group plc will be on.

The sports betting company have granted options on over 118,166 shares to the aforementioned parties, to go along with the approval granted at the AGM on 6th May 2010. They will have four exercise windows of 15 days each between 1st November 2013, and 15th September 2014, and the options are issued in respect of new shares.

Including previously issued options, the share capital of the company will increase by a total maximum of £3,621.31 by the issue of a total maximum of 724,262 ordinary share, corresponding to 2.56% of the share capital after dilution.

All that reminds me that I need to pick up my Cristiano Ronaldo personalised Real Madrid shirt on the way to Tequila shooters with the lads.


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