NFL Ego Injury Report

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The size of the egos in the NFL is far exceeds the size of these massive athletes and sometimes far exceeds the bounds of both the packed cathedrals they perform in and the borders of reality. They can’t be blamed for their egos, really, what kind of confidence would it take for a man to believe he is the greatest athlete and greatest performer ever every time he steps on the field with other men who believe the same about themselves? But sometimes, these egos take a bigger beating than the players do, here’s this week’s NFL ego injury report.

Brandon Jacobs ego has suffered a serious blow. He’s been demoted to short yardage situations and his carries have greatly diminished since Ahmad Bradshaw became the number one option in the Giant’s running game. Not too long ago Brandon Jacobs was one of the meanest and baddest backs in the NFL, those were days he literally stepped on guys like they were children as he ran. Now Jacobs runs east and west instead of north and south and no offense needs that. Jacob’s frustration to his ego injury hit an all time high when he tossed his helmet into the stands in Indianapolis.

Michael Vick’s ego should be listed as day to day. It should have been feeling pretty good on Sunday after his first win as a starting QB since, before the whole, well, you know incident. Vick looked vintage, his legs are still miraculous and his arm is still a cannon. We’ll see how his ego feels next week, as the Eagles have already named Kolb as the starter. Can you say slap in the face?

The ego that once seemed invincible, may have a few chinks in its armor. Brett Favre might be rethinking his choice to come out of retirement right about now as his Vikings after losing to the Miami Dolphins are 0-2 to start the season. Favre has played poorly and is registering more turnovers than a French bakery. You can Tony Romo to that list as his Cowboys promising season has got off to a terrible start, as the Cowboys are also 0-2.

The Bengals ego’s should be on the mend after beating the Ravens, though Carson Palmer looks pretty shaky, but not as shaky as Flacco who did his best Jake Delhomme impression Sunday throwing 4 interceptions to cost his team the game.

The first two weeks of the NFL season already have presented some interesting props and futures for Sportsbooks to explore including: Will the mighty never say die Houston Texans win their division? When will Michael Vick be inserted as the Eagle’s starter? And now that Brandon Jacobs is surly in New York, will he be traded?


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