A bad July for Nevada casinos, a worse August in Atlantic City

TAGs: Atlantic City, Las Vegas, revenue

Nevada-Atlantic-City-CasinoRevenue at Nevada casinos was down 4.9% in July compared to the same month the previous year. You know times are tough when this kind of shortfall is seen as an improvement over the double-digit declines of recent months. In keeping with recent trends, the high-rollers’ favorite game of baccarat was the lone bright spot on the revenue horizon, with its casino take up 9.1%.

Meanwhile, on the east coast, Atlantic City casinos saw August revenues plunge by 11.3% over the same month in 2009. Much of the blame is being laid at neighboring Pennsylvania’s door, as this was the first month that table games were made available on the other side of the state line. Whether Gov. Christie and the other talking heads at the the second New Jersey gaming summit can conjure up a magic spell to reverse this downward trend remains to be seen, but at this rate, the theme of that movie Raise The Titanic seems a more likely prospect.


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