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This week perspectives weekly drops some knowledge from stories going down in Austria and Nevada. An EU court has ruled that the laws banning online gambling in Austria are illegal. So what else is new? Every time the EU court pounds the gavel they’re contradicting themselves. Perhaps language is the barrier in obtaining coherent and consistent rulings? Who knows.

Big ups to the gambling industry, who continues to show their wealth in generosity, as the outpouring of donations continues to help the families in need.

Gambling just got easier in Nevada, well, kind of. A Nevada based sports book is now offering online gambling via your Blackberry, well kind of. It’s not really online gambling, and don’t get too excited about getting the app, you have to be in Nevada to place the bets and there are other rules that make it pretty much a pain in the ass and worthless for anyone outside of Nevada. But it’s a step in an exciting direction, J Todd thinks we’re closer to regulation thank we think… And finally, a sneak peak at J Todd’s wife!…Well, kind of.


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