Playing with yourself: word games over South Africa’s online gaming ban

TAGs: Piggs Peak, Powerbet

South-Africa-BanSo you may have read about that South African court’s recent ruling which declared online gambling to be illegal in that country. Swaziland-based Piggs Peak certainly did, and they couldn’t disagree more, which is why they are appealing the decision. But hang on a second… South Africa’s Powerbet Gaming is on record that the judge’s decision might have criminalized online gambling, but since Powerbet offers online betting, they see no problem continuing to serve the market.

Gambling, betting… Some of you might reading this might not see the distinction, but that’s because you’re Philistines who don’t understand that in the picture beside this text, the round object protruding out the left side of that girl’s shirt is a breast, while the one on the right is a boobie. Breasts are wonderful, life-sustaining orbs that God loves. Boobies are Satan’s filthy playthings, and you’re going to Hell just for looking at it. Clear? Read more.


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