Good Samaritans at Bodog customer service rescue gambler in distress

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Bodog-Europe-Good-SamaritansGaming industry people (Bodog employees among them) are routinely subjected to torrents of abuse by holier than thou types who like to paint us as thieves, charlatans or worse. We in the industry know it’s bullshit. Hell, deep down, even our accusers probably know it’s bullshit, but it allows them to point the finger at a convenient scapegoat for most or all of society’s ills, and a certain segment of the public invariably takes them at their word.

Which is why we love this story. An account holder with Bodog Europe recently got himself into a bit of a pickle while traveling. Basically, he boarded a plane without realizing his wallet had decided to stay behind in the airport lounge. Now he was on the other side of the continent, with just his passport and a somewhat befuddled expression on his face. Uh… little help?

Even if our panicked punter had had the foresight to tattoo all his credit card numbers and expiry dates onto his flesh, the drones on phones hired by the major finance companies would likely have told him there was little they could do to help him out, at least not for several working days. Not knowing where else to turn, he called Bodog Europe customer service, who were able to confirm his identity and wire funds to his locale, ready and waiting for pickup come the dawn. Suffice it to say, he was both relieved and grateful. “If only FedEx was as much on the ball as you.”

Yes, what a wonderful world that would be…


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