‘Betmobile’ offers wagers on wheels for horse racing fans

TAGs: Betmobile, Capital Off Track Betting, Horse Racing

Betmobile-Wagers-WheelsRemember that old stand-up routine Eddie Murphy used to do about kids losing their fucking minds when they realized the ice cream truck was pulling up their street? Apparently, New York’s Capital Off-Track Betting does, which is why they’ve come up with a betting shop on wheels that they’ve dubbed the Betmobile.

Before any alarmed mothers start yanking their kids indoors, the Betmobile doesn’t actually drive up and down suburban neighborhoods, looking to convince kids to blow their Fudgesicle money on the ponies. It’s basically a trailer that’s parked in locations where there aren’t traditional OTB shops, sorta like those Bodog betting kiosks at Craven Cottage, except that unlike horse racing, people actually give a shit about Premier League Football. Read more.


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