Love polls, love rankings, love

Everybody loves rankings and everybody loves polls, why? Because everybody wants to know where they stand, and everyone wants to be and know who’s at the top, that’s just the way it is. If there’s no winners, then aren’t we all losers? Well that’s what my HS baseball coach used to say…BETRANKINGS.COM is a brand new independent website that compiles the Top 25 rankings for both the US and Global sports markets. The rankings are based using unique visitors and keyword rankings, utilizing traffic measurement data from multiple Web tracking services. Theses rankings are then updated and published on a weekly basis.

For one thing, it’s an excellent site for sportsbook industry professionals to scalp useful information from, but given the content, the betting population will also find this website an extremely valuable resource. Sportsbooks can launch promotions, splash banners and advertise their most popular betting events on this useful site, and with the NFL season almost upon us and potential clients looking for a sportsbook to call home, it’s definitely a useful resource. But don’t take my word for it, check out BETRANKINGS.COM for yourself.