Bingo Hideout Increases Players’ Chances of Winning


UK gaming portal Bingo Hideout has recently launched the online gaming industry’s most comprehensive bingo odds comparison service. This revolutionary new system pledges to increases bingo players chances of winning by informing them of vital information such as how many active rooms a site has, how much the total jackpots are, and how much the average ticket costs. It then gives the site a rating of 0-99 on the player’s chances of winning there.

Bingo Hideout achieves this through gathering data from hundreds of popular websites like Foxy Bingo, Tombola Bingo, and Mecca Bingo. It then formats and presents the information in an easy to use manner that means bingo players are left with a more informed choice on where to spend their money. The data is updated constantly and also presents users with information on all upcoming promotions and offers at the leading bingo sites.
A spokesperson from SolidDM, who own and run Bingo Hideout, commented that “[t]he site is no longer positioned as a review site it is now a comparison service; we aim to bring consumers the best value possible by providing them with information that helps them spend their money wisely.”
The nature of this site means that its bingo data system is very complex, however, users can trust that the concept is presented in an easy to digest to format. Bingo Hideout rely on their new cartoon host BOB (Bingo Odds Booster) the Scientist for this. BOB processes the data from the online bingo world in his laboratory and presents bingo players with results that help increase their chances of winning. Bingo Hideout also provides the comparison of free bingo games, initial deposits, and repeat deposits making it a fantastic aid to start off any bingo excursion.