Sportsbooks ramp up for NFL season

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I’m getting that tingling sensation in my chest again which means either I drank too much last night, or, the NFL football season is just around the corner, it’s probably a little bit of both.

With the NFL season now almost upon us, sportsbooks are stepping it up for the biggest and most profitable season. Sports athletes talk about winning time, well for the next six months, it’s winning time for sportsbooks. Time to attract new clients, time to put up cutting edge props and time to make that cheddar baby.

Right now, Bookmaker is offering up to $2500 for new customers. A major selling point for Bookmaker is that they get their odds up relatively early. Bookmaker odds come up early enough that clients can actually bet on NFL games as early as Monday and Tuesday as opposed to Thursday which is typical for most books. It’s a subtle difference, but noteworthy, anyone who has worked at a Sportsbook Call center will tell you there is healthy market for those early bettors.

Bodog is also bringing their wealth of experience in the business and attracting new clients with weekly NFL bonuses for sportsbook players.

I also checked out 5Dimes promotions and they’re quite attractive to new clients with up $520 for new NFL bettors.

The industry isn’t getting any less competitive that’s for damn sure, so sportsbooks always need to be on their toes looking for new ways and promotions to attract clients or in some cases steal clients from other books. Don’t get caught slipping!


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