Ray Lewis choked about prospect of 18 NFL Games

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NFL owners met in Atlanta to discuss the future of the league, one of the topics for discussion was expanding the season to 18 games. Of course owners would be in favor of expanding the season as that would put more scratch in their pockets, but what about the players?

The Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis doesn’t like what he’s hearing. Lewis was quoted saying “Sixteen games are enough…I mean, you’re talking to someone who has been in this business for 15 years. We’re not automobiles. We’re not machines. We’re humans.” Read more.

I’d argue that Lewis is a machine to be able to hit as hard he hits and go as hard as he goes with that bone crushing smashmouf style, but, of course, I’d never argue that to his face, and he makes a legitimate argument. The obvious concern from players is more games means more injuries. Add to the equation that not all players have guaranteed money in their contracts and credence is given to an argument that many players support.

It’s a relevant point of contention, and it just might be enough to force a lockout which nobody wants.

There’s another side to this from the gambling industry perspective, that is more games means more betting which means more scratch. Of course a longer season gives bettors more opportunity to bet, and fans more exciting football to watch, so in a sense, the players are on island of their own with this arguement. Truly, a longer season benefits almost everyone except the players. Personally, I’d love to see an 18 game NFL season, really who wouldn’t? I’m usually two or three games away from winning my fantasy pool, because I like to come on late, and I can’t tell you how many of my betting buddies claim that they are oh-so-close to breaking even or being ahead on the season, which is probably a load of bullshit, but I hear what their saying, we’re all saying the same thing, more NFL can never be a bad thing.

Let’s hope the owners and players find a happy compromise to make it happen.


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