The Master of payments pleases the customers

TAGs: Intercash, Mastercard, Playtech

Intercash Prepaid MasterCard® card could be the easiest way for customers to get paid in the whole entire online gambling world – apparently there’s quite a lot of money swishing around the business. Don’t tell anyone though it’s a secret… Using the Intercash Prepaid MasterCard® card, players will be able to receive money won at Playtech’s online casinos straight into their accounts, and withdraw it from an ATM if they so please. “By giving their players and affiliates instant access to their winnings and earnings on a secure chip-and-PIN MasterCard® card, gaming companies will not only reduce their costs in terms of cheque payouts and bank transfer fees,” said Intercash top dog/CEO Patrick Seguev, “They’ll also increase customer satisfaction, comfort and loyalty.” Nice to know the world isn’t entirely made up of stupid people. Read More.


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