How a stripper ends up on the pole

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In case you haven’t been paying attention to the current trend, slutty is in. Stripper and Super groupie Andrea Herrera, also known as Kat Stacks has decided to tell her “fans” her story of how she became a stripper, as if that story involves turns and twists that we can’t imagine. And by fans, I’m guessing she means the suits that stuff dollar bills into her thong? Not sure how intriguing her story will be, but I think I can guess how it might have happened… Sex as a young teen, some abusive adult, hard drugs and roofies mixed with a young girl with a hyperactive libido who likes to dance and that should pretty much sum it up. Even though rumor has it that Kat has taken down more rappers than gun charges, this fiery stripper doesn’t seem to take kindly to being cut off from her hip hop clientele. Give her a couple of drinks and you can expect another pair of sloppy loose lips. Read more.

Nobody likes a stripper or whore with loose lips…Wait, let me rephrase that, nobody likes a working girl that talks about her clients. Of course it’s not exactly the most reputable career choice, but there should be some client-whore confidentiality, no? I don’t know what happened but the unspoken laws of being a groupie, call girl, or stripper are slowly deteriorating. I think some of the blame lands with Tiger Woods, though maybe indirectly. The mistresses of Woods received way too much attention and money for their stories and now it seems every call girl who ever slept with a celebrity has a story to tell.

People used to not care about the memoirs of a ho. Don’t get me wrong, I watched Pretty Woman, twice, and I love the rippers just as much as the next man. Everytime I’m in Vegas I make sure to visit the Sapphire Nightclub, which is more like the Olympics of stripping. But you know that cat that falls in love with the stripper? I’m not talking about T-Pain, I’m talking about that other cat, the “Mr. Captain save a Ho” who melts on his first lap dance and starts asking all the wrong questions like ” How did you end up a stripper?” and “How much did I just give you”? That’s the guy you see who is not really getting a lap dance, rather, he just has some stripper sitting on his lap telling him her life story, while, of course he’s paying for it. Worse yet, that guy never takes that girl home, it actually ends up being the easiest money she makes that night. We all know that cat, I’m usually the cat beside that cat laughing my ass off while a sexy vixen from Cuba shows me what she’s working with. Problem is, that guy and millions others are wrecking the code.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually feel sorry for rich celebrities that are getting trim from working girls these days, because their business and the business is quickly becoming public knowledge and that’s a damn shame.


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