Now this from the NDP peanut gallery

TAGs: Lorraine Michaels, NDP, Tom Marshall

NDP leader Lorraine Michaels is fuming over the fact that Finance Minister Tom Marshall would consider getting into the online gambling world. Apparently, Michaels isn’t opposed to all gambling, just the addictive kinds like online gambling. How that actually makes sense in her mind is beyond me. That’s like saying, you’re not opposed to all alcohol, just the addictive kinds of liquor like Grey Goose! What? It’s clear that the NDP leader doesn’t have the slightest idea how addiction works. Her other concern is that online gambling would provide 24/7 access…Here’s a newsflash, Canadian citizens already have 24/7 access to offshore online gambling sites. Once again the opportunity to have reasonable and knowledgeable debate on the subject is lost in nonsensical fear mongering and inaccurate statements by political leaders. Read more.


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