Google really the most interesting Internet story?

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boobgleThe Internet’s been around long enough now that it would be surprising if a number of films concerning some of the leading lights and sites weren’t being planned. Facebook jumped first with their film charting the rise and rise of the site, court injunctions not included, and now Google want a slice of the entertainment pie.

What course the film will follow no one yet knows, but it’s tricky to see how they’ll be able to fit in all the failed products of the past and whether or not Android will have fallen by the wayside by the time the film reaches its scheduled release. The two companies have grown almost simultaneously but in very different ways, so the films are likely to have very different backdrops. You imagine Sergiy Brin and Larry Page sitting down for hour upon hour of coffee breaks, whereas Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook parties wildly. One thing’s clear though, there’s unlikely to be a camper photo than the one accompanying the story of the Google Movie on the Guardian’s website.

Of course Google and Facebook are the star names of the internet, but there’s far more entertaining stories to be found in the merky depths of the darkest internet.

How about a film chronicling Chat Roulette – that would be quite something. Just think of it this way – it would cost sod all to make as you could just sift through all kinds of footage from the site, interview the creators, and even get involved on the site yourself. I’ll just be off the patents office to lock down that idea then.

Although all these movies about parts of the Internet are good, here at we think it might be a bit more fun to have a film charting the online gaming industry. What could be more fun than seeing the rise of sites, personalities, the party lifestyle, and even a sequel predicting the future of the industry?

Bwin and PartyGaming’s merger could make it to a straight to DVD offering, as some kind of X-Factor style contest where Bwin eventually renege on their original position to accept to immensely talented, but aesthetically flawed, PartyGaming in order to create a behemoth to challenge the US gaming market. Call Simon Cowell now.

Obviously any film about the gaming industry wouldn’t be complete without Calvin Ayre, but as a Hollywood blockbuster it’s likely a blue-chip actor would be needed to play the man himself. Tom Cruise, maybe? Or even Calvin playing himself would not be beyond the realms of possibility. Leicester Square and LA get the red-carpets laid, the VodBulls on ice, and the bikini-clad beauties at the ready. Would be better than the Google Brin and Page love-in anyday. Can’t imagine those two Gamblin’, Drinkin’, and Carryin’ on.


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