Roger Clemens Indicted for Perjury

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Roger Clemens, one of the best pitchers to ever play the game, has been indicted for perjury for lying to congress. The obvious jab to take is why is congress upset about being lied to when they lie to each other and the American public on a regular basis. If anything I would have expected and invite for Clemens to join congress as opposed to an indictment, but I digress, that’s not what this article is about.

Roger Clemens strikes me as a for lack of better word, let’s just say he’s an interesting individual. He’s a fiery guy, a competitor, a guy who picks up pieces of a broken bat and throws them back at the hitter and now he’s pretty close to being officially labeled as a liar.
I’ll say it right now, for the record, I am a Roger Clemens fan. I take pride in the fact that had privaledge to watch one of the last 300 game winners baseball fans may ever see. So no, I’m not on that hate train.

I was though, and continue to be puzzled by Roger Clemens and his actions. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to appear before congress in the first place, he did that on his own in a way that only Roger Clemens can. Read more.

No one told him to lie either, and whether he did that on his own or not still remains to be seen. There are a couple of things that don’t hold well for Clemens, including the fact that Dr. McNamee claims he kept used needles which will show Clemens DNA and prove that Clemens did in fact is performance enhancement drugs. DNA evidence, pfft, like that holds any weight… Didn’t work on OJ.

Worse yet, his boy, his main man, Andy Pettitte’s eye witness testimony, in which Clemens responded, that he thinks Pettitte “mis-remembers”, also gives rise to the scrutiny of Clemens’s innocence. And yet, this is a situation Clemens walked right into. Clemens seems so hell bent on clearing his name that for a moment I actually believed that maybe he wasn’t one of the 90 plus percent of baseball players taking performance enhancement drugs. Well, now he’ll get a chance to prove it.

So now with Clemens about to enter the trial for his life, sportsbooks have to be getting their Clemens odds up, “Will Roger Clemens be convicted of perjury”? Will he see jail time?

In case you’re wondering, perjury is no laughing matter, it carries a maximum sentence 30 fucking years!


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