When leaving a job, don’t eject your online self à la Steven Slater

TAGs: information technology, Steven Slater

Leaving-Job-Steven-SlaterWhether or not the initial details regarding flight attendant Steven Slater’s epic ‘take this job and shove it in the overhead compartment’ flameout are true or not, they’ve become something of an inspiration to disgruntled wage-slaves everywhere. But while Slater’s antics may eventually lead to his own (presumably short-lived) reality show, if you ever choose to leave your job by flipping your bosses and colleagues the bird, you are far more likely to end up moving back in with your parents rather than into a swanky crib in the Hollywood hills.

As such, it may be a good idea to digest this primer on how to disengage your digital personna from your current employment in a manner that maintains valuable networking connections and keeps those bridges behind you from spontaneously combusting. And IT professionals working for any of the gaming industry’s stuffier old-school companies (or any company lacking the organizational dynamic to give your career the righteous kickstart it deserves) should keep in mind that there are lots of dynamic organizations out there that are hiring.


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