Saskatchewan considers pros and cons on net gaming

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Auto DraftSaskatchewan is yet another Canadian province mulling over the prospect of online gambling. Read more.

Any prudent government should consider the pros and cons of any venture, but what shouldn’t be considered is whether to enter an “evil” industry as the writer of this article describes. Evil? I suppose the liquor industry is evil as well? Just because an industry provides entertainment and enjoyment for a vast majority of its users, while a small majority develop addictions does not in anyway classify it as evil. It’s this type talk that saw women burnt at the stake before people became civilized, or should I say, most people became civilized. Certainly controls and measures must be in place to protect consumers and apparently unknown to the writer of this article, the vast majority of private online gambling operators already have these measures in place and have been protecting their clients for years when regulated and legalized online gaming was nothing but a vague pipe dream in Canada and the US.

Here’s a pro for Saskatchewan, online gambling will at the very least give the residents something to do other than wearing watermelons on their heads and crying over their RoughRiders losing the Grey Cup to a too many men on the field call.


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