Alberta continues to believe the Earth’s flat

flat earth“The very first thing we learned (studying Internet gambling patterns), which we didn’t expect, was that the vast majority, the overwhelming majority of gamblers online gamble in a very moderate and mild way,” the words of Dr. Howard Shaffer, Director of Harvard Medical School’s Division of Addictions.

Also take the example of the UK. Online gambling has been legal for almost 20 years and there’s been no change to the percentage of the population with a gambling problem.

It was still no surprise to find an article from Albertan paper the Calgary Herald believing what they want to believe when it comes to online gambling. Hell it’s basically the internet version of those guys who used to think the Earth was flat, and no matter how many times you say the Earth is flat, it’s still round. It’s the same with this position – nothing depends on which state, or province you’re in it’s always going to be the same. Read more.