T-Mac aka Mr. Glass signs with the Pistons

The Detroit Pistons have come to terms with on a contract with former Knickerbocker Tracy McGrady. McGrady has signed on for one year with the Pistons for $1.3 million.

I almost couldn’t believe it when I read it, but his website, McGrady is already talking about bringing a championship to Detroit. He was probably high on pain killers!

C’mon T-smack, let’s be serious. T-Mac bringing a championship to the Detroit Pistons is about as likely to happen as the Detroit Lions winning the Superbowl this year. How about just making playoffs? For record, T-Mac is still yet to win a playoff series in his career, the one series his Houston Rockets won, McGrady was out of the lineup.

At this point, T-Mac, Aka Mr. Glass should just be concentrating on playing as many regular season games as possible. T-Mac is quickly joining that infamous group of overpaid sports athletes that never panned out. Last year his play was pathetic for the Knicks, which allowed him to fit in just nicely on that pathetic team. Even though Detroit didn’t break the bank in signing T-Mac, it’s still a gamble. There’s no guarantee that T-Mac will even make it to the allstar break without injury. In his last five seasons, McGrady has been healthy enough to play over 70 games just once in 2006-2007 season.

The upside for the Pistons is that if healthy and if in game shape, there’s one thing that T-Mac can do, and that’s score. He’s a former two time NBA scoring leader and his size and shooting ability keeps defenses honest and when he’s on, he commands a double team. The major question is what happens to guys like Hamilton and Prince? For T-Mac to be effective he’ll need shots, and since this year should be Rodney Stuckey’s coming out party, something on that Detroit perimeter has to give. Could we about to see the Pistons unload what was once the nucleus of their championship team? Frankly, it would be about time.

With McGrady back in the NBA, the obvious betting prop for him would be an over and under bet on how many games he’ll actually play this season. I have a hard time seeing T-Mac making a huge impact on the Pistons and I have an even harder time believing that he’ll be healthy the entire season, it just wouldn’t be T-Mac like.

How many games do you think T-Mac will play in this year?