NBA shuts down Thomas and Knicks consulting connection

Should it really have taken the NBA to step in to stop Isiah Thomas from becoming a consultant for the New York Knicks? Aside from the obvious conflict of interest for Thomas, who is currently the coach at Florida International University, there’s a much glaring issue at hand, didn’t Thomas already wreck the Knicks franchise?

What else could be on Zeke’s Knicks checklist? Let’s see here… Terrible draft picks check, horrible trades and overpriced contracts to shitty players check, piss poor coaching job check, sexual harassment charge costing millions to the franchise check, turning the Knicks into one of the worst teams in the NBA…check.

It baffles me what more Isiah Thomas could do for the Knicks aside from dousing Madison Square Garden with gasoline and C4 before lighting a match…But who’s really to blame? It seems for the Knicks franchise, once bitten by Zeke, twice shy doesn’t apply. Isn’t it a little puzzling how a man who could fuck up so many times could get another chance to fuck up again? Read more.

The promise of Thomas delivering Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks as a consultant is about as solid as a marathon runner guaranteeing victory in the Boston Marathon while running with shards of glass up his ass. He was part of the group that attempted to woo Lebron James over to New York, and we all know how that played out. If there’s one thing that has been consistent about Thomas and his management skills, it’s that he has no management skills and he’s likely to try and hump the secretary.

What exactly does Isiah Thomas have on Knicks owner James Dolan? Current GM Donnie Walsh certainly didn’t want Thomas on board as a consultant, and I’m sure few executives in the Knicks franchise did, aside from Dolan, and yet Thomas was a shoe in. The entire tenure Thomas served under the Knicks did nothing but cost Dolan money and yet he was quick to bring Thomas back as a consultant? Baffling. Thomas must have a sex tape and some negatives locked in some safety deposit box in Manhattan of Dolan and a dead or missing stripper, either that or Thomas has somehow learned and perfected the ancient art of the Jedi mind trick.

I’m wondering what Thomas is going to accomplish as coach at Florida International. Shortly after he arrived around this time last year he was able to land a huge blue chipper in Dominique Ferguson, a 6-foot-8 skywalker who was being recruited by Arizona, Indiana, and Kentucky. You wonder if all of this publicity for the school, whether construed as negative or not, will attract other high caliber players to take their talents to FIU.

College basketball bettors shouldn’t get excited though, it’s still Isiah Thomas coaching the team, and he hasn’t proven he’s a winning coach at any level.