Baker, LaRussa and Cueto suspended for brawl

TAGs: Dusty Baker, Johnny Cueto, MLB, Tony LaRussa

The MLB has laid down the law after Tuesday night’s brawl between the Cardinals and Reds. Both managers Dusty Baker and Tony LaRussa got 2 games, while pitcher Johnny Cueto got slammed with a seven game suspension. Strangley, Carpenter and Rolen excaped unpunished. I guess the MLB is sending a message, “punch all you want, but no kicking”. Cueto, after being pinned to the backstop, resorted to violently cleeting all comers and managed to catch a couple of Cardinals in the face. It was one of the better donnybrooks in the MLB this year but it could prove costly in tight race in the NL Central. LaRussa is known for his over-management of games, albeit with much success, without him in the dugout for the next two games, just how badly does this affect the Cardinals on the field? And what about the Reds losing Cueto for 7 games? Is that fair, given the fact it was a brawl? Some are calling foul. Read more.


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