Mets Closer Francisco Rodriguez arrested

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K-Rod, it seems, is as fiery off the field as he is on the field. Police arrested K-Rod after he allegedly assaulted his father-in-law. His father in law was hospitalized with facial lacerations, it seems K-Rod must have thrown a hissy fit and apparently one punch. Read more.

That’s just plain dumb. You’re the closer for the Mets and your throwing punches with your million dollar hands? Dumb. Why didn’t he do the right thing and just hire someone to kick his father-in-law’s ass? Shit, pay me $100K and I’d sucker punch him! It might end up costing K-Rod more than that if his father-in-law decides to sue. Not to mention, shouldn’t this put a little strain on K-Rod and his wife? Let’s not go there.

The Mets bullpen is already shitty as it is, so without K-Rod in the lineup, do the Mets have any chance at winning close games? K Rod will miss at least two games, but I expect that Major League Baseball may even suspend him for this type of mis-conduct, so he might be out of that Mets lineup for an extended period of time.

I’d love to see some odds on how many games K-Rod will get, if any for this domestic dispute. Also, this has to effect the odds on the Mets who already struggle to close out games with K-Rod in the lineup.

All this adds up to one thing…The Mets will be losing more games. K-Rod had 25 saves on the season, but even he had blown 5, make that 6, he gets one more blown save from me for being an idiot and throwing punches at an inlaw with million dollar hands.

Wouldn’t you figure if you were making the type of money like K-Rod, you would never have to use your fists, much less raise your voice? All he should have to do is make one phone call, or just point. C’mon K-Rod, you’re better than that.


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