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US pennyA brand-new penny-auction site has been created specifically with poker and casino players in mind. The concept will be different to other sites though, as players will have a much more cost effective way of getting their hands on chips. will give players the chance to bid on auctions for items such as poker tournaments packages, poker or casino chips and credit. Like eBay, players can make as many bids as they like until the auction closes, and items are available for as little as $0.01 – it was as if it was a tramps birthday, they made their wish, and it came true.

Every auction starts at $0.00 and lasts for five minutes, every time a bid is placed an extra 30 seconds being added to the countdown timer. So next time you’re going to buy-in for some crazy amount of money at a top tournament, remember the name – Bidibot, or you could end up losing to a tramp.


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