No Fun League? Now that’s just fiction

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football moneyThe big wigs at the NFL are a bunch of happy bunnies right now aren’t they? It’s the eve of the new season, TO and CO are carving it up in Ohio, and now they’ve got what they wanted regarding the Barney Frank bill – although it’s also uncovered the NFL’s increased state of hypocrisy. It’s like a bloody illness.

But it’s ok NFL bosses, we here at know the basis of your hypocrisy – the secret hope that one day the sports betting will be legalised in every single one of the states in the Union, and you can still indulge in the family entertainment audience. However, watch that TV revenue increase as Tom, Dick, Harry, and anyone else for that matter tune it to sweat and bet.

Until that time there’s always the underground and international markets to take the Euros, Pounds, Yen, and any other currency from, and just pretend that, as it’s not dollars, it doesn’t exist – at the same time larking about in the back yard as if juveniles acting out a fictional game of Cowboys and Indians.

The cure to all this hypocrisy? You didn’t ask for that NFL! What you don’t ask for, you won’t get. Read more.


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