Facebook predicted to be the basis of Web 3.0

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Facebook-Basis-Web-3I love Facebook… and I hate Twitter. I can’t say if my experience mirrors the typical user’s, but my guess is that all Twitterers use Facebook, whereas only a miniscule fraction of Facebookers have any interest what so fucking ever in Twitter. Seriously, what busy (i.e. gainfully employed) adult has time to tweet, and even if they do, honestly, beyond a few noteworthy comedians and those Iranian opposition figures, who fucking cares what anyone else is tweeting? So, you’re standing in line at the supermarket, waiting to pay for your bag of Doritos, and you think the guy in front of you forgot to put on deodorant before he left the house? You don’t say… WHO GIVES A SHIT?

If there truly is an 800 pound gorilla in the room that could kill the existing online gambling companies if/when the US legalizes the activity, it’s Facebook, what with its 500M (and growing) users, most of whom are already involved in some form of online game play, be it Texas Hold ‘Em or Farmville. And if this FaceBookie does arise, the freakazoid Frankenstein’s monster created by the Bwin/PartyGaming merger – for which the main motivation was to take a run at the US market — will appear all the more ill-advised. Trust me, I was raised on a farm, and I never once saw a cow take a shower, trim its tail and put on a tuxedo right before it strolled into the abattoir. Read more.


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