Keep Barney’s lager on tap for the moment

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The world of gambling is in a state of transition as it eagerly awaits the next move by the US government on the controversial gambling bill currently, but, as reported previously, nothing is likely to happen any time soon, especially not until at least next year.

Obviously it will be a dancing in the streets of Second Life day when the shackles are finally taken off and online gaming is made legal in the US, but there’s plenty of obstacles that stand in the way before it will become fully realised – so keep Barney Frank’s jugs of lager on tap for the moment.

The first thing to consider is that it will likely only happen on a state-by-state basis, meaning the nationwide hysteria that many companies are hoping for will not materialise, and any Mardi Gras style party will be reserved for that weekend in February for the moment at least.

Secondly, midterm elections are looming fast in November, which sees the House of Representatives and Senate up for grabs. The midterms have been a perennial waste-ground for whoever won the Presidency two years previous and this year may well be no exception – not good news for the online gaming bill.

Real Clear Politics is reporting that the race is likely to be as hotly contested as any, with a the House looking like it may be as close as 202-201 in favour of the Democrats, and neither being able to achieve a majority in the Senate. The result of this will be stark for the online gaming bill, which could take even longer to come to fruition if conservatives gain a further foothold in the House, and Barney may well experience problems getting a large number of them on board.

Combine all this with the fact that changes to federal law will need to be sought, along with the consent of state governments, and ladies and gentlemen we have a right royal mess that doesn’t look like sorting itself anytime soon.

So don’t expect a lot, if anything, before the elections in the fall, and, if the past results of these midterms are anything to go by, lets be frank about it: Barney’s not likely to see the end of the tunnel in the forthcoming year or so.

If you want to enjoy the shackle-less world of online gaming hop across the pond to blighty. House prices dropped again this week, so you could pick up a bargain and gamble online to your hearts content.


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