Betfair enlists Bodog Europe to help find potential IT recruits

TAGs: A.J. Thompson, Betfair, Bodog Europe

Betfair-Bodog-IT-RecruitsImitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery. Bodog Europe CEO Patrik Selin knows that, as the Ongame poker network recently informed the world they thought his ideas on rakeback were the fairest of them all. Now it’s the folks at Betfair who are blowing kisses at Bodog Europe’s A.J. Thompson.

A.J. recently issued a planet-wide call for IT recruits to form a sort of technological rapid reaction Special Forces unit. Now, just two weeks later, Betfair appears to have reissued A.J.’s call to arms with the word ‘Bodog’ scratched out and ‘Betfair’ written in crayon along the margins. Presumably Betfair expects A.J. to screen their prospective candidates as well. (A.J. wasn’t thrilled with this suggestion, as he’s a pretty busy guy, but he’ll do what he can. No promises, though.) There is however one crucial distinction between Bodog Europe’s pitch and Betfair’s – the Bodog recruits will have the option of basing themselves out of cosmopolitan London OR hot n’ spicy Barcelona. That seems more than fair, don’t it? Read more.


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