The sky’s the limit for…Sky

TAGs: BSkyB, Sky Betting and Gaming

murdochSky Betting and Gaming, part of BSkyB, today announced that it’s seen annual gross markets rise by 21%, on the same day that the whole of BSkyB also announced results.

One of Rupert’s fellow bears, Managering Director Richard Flint, said, “More than 80% of our growth is online, however mobile is now our second biggest channel. The ability to bet straight from our app on an iPhone has been very popular and allows players to get much closer to our content.”

With the arrival of ‘Sky 3D’ imminent, then what’s the wait for 3D TV gaming I wonder? Chips jumping out at you, while the fit barmaid serves you drinks. That’ll be the life.

All I do know is that Flint definitely doesn’t want an Android for Christmas. Read more.


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