European governments can’t wait to screw over gamblers

TAGs: liberalization

European-Governments-ScrewThe ongoing credit crunch has caused a lot of cash-poor governments across the European continent to rethink long-held positions on any number of issues, from entitlement programs to foreign aid contributions to, yes, online gambling. No potential untapped revenue source is going unheeded as the desire to replenish state coffers trumps the feeble ‘morality’ arguments of the past.

Yet, as the recent BCLC Playnow debacle shows, governments don’t always offer a safe and secure gambling platform. And as the Right2Bet study of World Cup gambling shows, states rarely offer the best value for your punting dollar. So we can plainly see why governments would want to get into the online gambling biz, but just what the hell’s in it for the punters? Read more.


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